Walk the Titanic

Board the Ship Anchors aweigh!

This is your chance to "walk" the decks of the Titanic, more than 100 years after the iceberg fatefully ended her maiden voyage.

We've acquired visuals from the CD-ROM game Titanic: Adventure Out of Time by CyberFlix and assembled them into a special Gallery presentation that works like a virtual tour of the famous ship when it was still afloat.

The game allowed you the chance to change history and save the ship. Sadly, here you're stuck with history as it happened. You know the great ship is doomed. But in our Gallery you can still get a sense of how the luxurious Titanic looked to those who sailed on her, as you follow a mother and daughter who are searching for their teenage son and brother through the ship's many rooms and halls. (Our little storyline has nothing to do with the plot of the game.)

Board the Ship

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