Virtual Titanic: A Walking Tour in Cyberspace
By Louis Johns

Board the Ship Welcome to the OMNI Gallery, featuring stunning visuals from the CyberFlix CD-ROM Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. In the game, you have a chance to rewrite history -- or just relive it -- as you wander through the ship. In this virtual tour, follow along as a mother and daughter wander the ship, looking for their teenage son and brother. (Our narrative is entirely unrelated to the plot of the game.)

In order to immerse yourself in the world of the Titanic, bookmark this page, download the IPIX Plug-in, and return here. As you proceed, you can click the still gifs, and after waiting for the download to complete, you will pop through the screen into a virtual reality bubble -- where you can check carpet patterns, search for the Statue of Liberty among the ship's paintings, or gaze in awe at the Grand Staircase's bright dome above.

Board the Ship

Walk the Decks Again with Cyberflix's Titanic CD-ROM

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