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The Berkeley Personality Profile

by Keith Harary, Ph.D.

Test Your Work Style with
Scenario #4: Project Eden

You have miraculously survived a nuclear holocaust that bombed most of civilization as we know it back into the stone age. It has been your extraordinary luck, however, to find yourself protected deep underground in a relatively unscathed missile silo. The place is equipped not only with the most advanced weapons of war, but also with such niceties as a solar generator, a vast video library featuring many of your favorite movies and television shows, and enough comic books, canned food, snacks, and diet soft drinks to last a lifetime.

Just as you resign yourself to living out your remaining days in the missile silo, you overhear people in the next room planning what they term "Project Eden," a systematic plan to rebuild modern civilization. Their conversation is becoming animated, distracting you from the silo's many amenities. Do you feel a sudden pang of personal responsibility and decide to join in the work of rebuilding a better future, or would you indulge yourself in the silo for the present time and let others pursue such ambitious projects?

After you have weighed your idealistic expectations of yourself against your most realistic sense of how you would respond, consider inviting another person to participate in this exercise with you. If you do so, we suggest that you discuss the ways in which each of you envisioned yourself and each other handling the above scenario. What do the predictions that each of you made tell you about the expectations you have of one another? How do these expectations influence the underlying dynamics of your relationship?

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